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My dad, John and I together are enjoying re-inventing and re-launching NCboatinglifestyle. Over the past months many people have asked us about the status of our magazine and when we were going to start publishing it again.  NCboatinglifestyle is now a web magazine fueled and enhanced by blogs, and our facebook page to which you, our readers can contribute. As we continue to grow you can participate in NCBL’s revival by submitting your favorite photos, stories, and comments about your NC boatinglifestyle experiences we will gladly share your stories with our readers on-line and  eventually re-launch a print version of NCbl.  Our goal is to have an NCbl media group consisting of a web magazine, a NC boating lifestyle social media forum(s), and an NCbl print magazine. Thank you for your participation and support. Your photos, stories, and comments are always welcome. We invite you to join us on this very exciting journey! Please visit Facebook and join our NCboatinglifestyle Magazine Page.

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