My Dad, John Ballantyne and I, Ian Stafford Ballantyne, together are enjoying                re-inventing and re-launching NCboatinglifestyle. Over the past months people have asked us about the status of our magazine and when we were going to start publishing it again. NCboatinglifestyle is now a web magazine, NCboatinglifestyle.com, fueled and enhanced by blogs, and our facebook page to which you, our readers can contribute. As we continue to grow you can participate in NBCL’s revival by submitting your favorite photos, stories, and comments about your NC boatinglifestyle experiences we will share your stories with our readers on-line and eventually re-launch a print version of NCBL. Our goal is to start a new company, Stafford Media Inc., an NCBL media group consisting of a Web magazine, a NC boating lifestyle Social Media Forum(s), and an NCBL print magazine. Thank you for your participation and support. Your photos, stories, and comments are always welcome.
We invite you to join us on this very exciting journey! Please visit Facebook and join our NCboatinglifestyle Magazine Page. Please pass along our message about Re-Starting our magazine to all your boating friends an former subscribers – we would appreciate it!

8 Responses to Home

  1. Jamie Hobbs says:

    Hey Guys!
    Good to see you’re re-energizing. Please keep me on your list of potential photog/writers. I enjoyed writing for and representing NCBL in the past and would like to get back in that groove. Please contact me for any input or help I might be able to provide.
    All the Best!
    Jamie Hobbs

    • johnballantyne says:

      Thanks Jamie, in the process of getting all the software in place and operational. As soon as software is in place we will get in touch with you. We would love to have you back “onboard.” Ian and John Ballantyne

    • johnballantyne says:

      Thanks Jamie – will do. John

  2. William Perry says:

    I have been a subscriber for several years but have not received a magazine for quite some time now. I would like to start it up again but when I sent in the renewal it came back as not deliverable. Please let me know how to renew.
    Thank you, Bill

    • johnballantyne says:

      Bill, the poor economy forced us to suspend publishing operations. Planning now to re-start publishing in 2014 – right now working on getting that message out to as many NC boaters as possible who will sign-on as paid subscribers – allowing us to sustain publishing in good and bad economy. Thanks for your interest and we will keep in touch. Thank you! Ian and John Ballantyne

  3. Jeffrey N. Braden says:

    We have missed the magazine and can’t wait to start getting it again. We have all of the 2006 issues out on the coffee table at our house at High Rock Lake. Will you be
    printing again, or just on line? We would be willing to subscribe and pay for the magazine…I always thought getting it free was too good to be true.

    Jeff Braden

    • johnballantyne says:

      Jeff – plan is to re-start publishing in 2014 (Print & Web)…current phase is getting that word out so that when we start signing-on paid subscribers we will have more than enough subscribers to sustain publishing in good and bad economy. We’ll keep in touch. Thank you for your interest. Ian and John